DIVR Bootcamp for Summer '17!

Hey guys! We are looking for summer interns to work with, take a look:

Looking for a summer activity in which you can work with a startup, apply your coding/modeling skills on a research project with Stanford, all while getting to do Laser Tag, Ping-pong/Pool tournaments, Nerf Wars, Ramen Parties, and Arcade Nights for free?

This summer, DIVR Edu is hosting DIVR Bootcamp! During this 5 week all expense paid for program that covers housing, food, transportation (including airfares), and team bonding activities, you will join our team and work on developing VR educational content! You won't have to spend a penny for this amazing learning and fun experience!

We are looking for 3-4 passionate interns with some experience in Unity, C# or Java, 3D modeling, web development, or machine learning. If you are concerned about a lack of programming or designing experience, please still apply! As long as you are very passionate and have an aptitude to learn we would love to have you on the team! For more details about bootcamp or DIVR, please contact us at nathan.kong@divredu.com!

You can apply for DIVR Bootcamp at:https://goo.gl/forms/ueXap6d4MF1KLX4E2

Thanks for keeping up with DIVR, Xiaohan out.