Our Vision

We aim to revolutionize the face of education by providing interactive and immersive 3D Virtual Reality (VR) worlds on our mobile app through the Google Cardboard.


What we do

DIVR Edu provides the next generation of students with the next generation of educational technology. Our app, DIVR, launches immersive VR worlds via smartphone with Google Cardboard. With 85% of teens (ages 13-17) owning smartphones, we can make cell phones learning tools instead of classroom distractions. Given the affordable nature of Google Cardboard, we can supply schools with affordable technology as a supplement to conventional learning.

Our VR worlds comprise of both exploration and game based worlds in which we embed the educational concepts directly in the experience/game-mechanism.

What We've Achieved

INNOVATIV by Appliv Top App Innovator
  • Created the first effective education VR mobile app for Google Cardboard.
  • Built 3 VR demos on our app that enable the user to explore our virtual experiences
  • Featured in the national education conference (CUE 2016)
  • Brought our virtual experience to 100+ beta testers
  • Partnered with 1517 Fund Grantees Program
  • Partnered with Stanford's Graduate School of Education to research VR in the classroom
  • Tested our Biology world, Immunity Defender, in pilot high schools across the US to collect data to prove our app increases students' performance

What is Next

  • We're releasing the full length version of Immunity Defender as a stand alone app with in-app-purchases
  • Over 1000 students from high schools across the US are piloting our latest VR world for data collection
  • Our Tutorial will be revamped to a full length aquatic exploration world: Ocean Floor
  • We're developing our educational license for schools and summer programs. For more info email: nathan.kong@divredu.com

Stephen Hawking says we have to leave this planet before a 1000 years is up. We need the kids of today to prepare for the tomorrows that are nothing like the yesterdays. With education like that from DIVR Edu, we can do it.
— Ann Bradley, The Silicon Valley Story